Attented Petur Orri’s talk today about the Lean Startup arranged by Agilenetið and Dokkan. I’m very intrigued by Lean and believe I can learn a lot from it…but I also have my doubts about Lean and software development since it requires more creativity and innovation than manufacturing does. Even though there are the Lean Software Development principles I’m still on the road to mastering Agile and only peeking into Lean as I travel along the Agile landscape. I’ve been planning to read the book for some time…but I haven’t gotten around to it yet…it’s on my TODO list 😉

Peter praised the book and the ideology as I’ve heard & read many do lately. It feels like people have gotten a little bored with Agile & Scrum and are looking for the “next thing” and maybe this is the next step in better software development.

I wasn’t sold on the concept from this lecture. For me it felt like Agile/Scrum with more focus on the PO through the Customer. That is a great move since I truly believe that the PO is the most crucial role in Scrum and almost impossible for a single person to deliver the job by representing all stakeholders. I’m not that familiar with “Customer Development” as of now to comment on it but at first glance it seems to be about defining how to learn what the customer really want’s…something that can get lost in the process and really needs to be in focus all the time. I really like the “Development” part of that phrase…how doesn’t wan’t to develop his customer 😉

Even though I wasn’t sold I’m looking forward to reading the book…maybe I’ll see the light when I’ve finished.

I really liked one of the last slide that said “We only meet our customers by leaving the office”… a good reminder that I take with me.

Afterwards there were some good questions and answers but I was missing some discussions part, but since this was just a talk that wasn’t even on the agenda. They might appear on the next Open Space meeting at Agilenetið.