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Trello seminar

Trello seminar

I got an invite to teach Trello at Endurmenntun following that one of my students from Agile Project Management knew of my fondness of the tool through that class. So when they needed someone to teach Trello I was the first one that she thought of...and I'm always up...

Scrum roles & responsibilities game printouts

The Scrum Roles and Responsibilities game over at TastyCupCakes.org is a great game to use when teaching the scrum roles and getting participants to discuss amongst themselves what each roles does. I've played this a couple of time and its always great to have two...

Teaching Agile Project Management (second iteration)

Again teaching Agile at the University of Iceland for a few days (over a period of a few weeks). Setup was pretty much as the last time I did work on some improvements this time around so I had a Trello board for a better overview and the slides were improved a little...

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