Attended this talk held by Stjórnvísi.
Edda told us about an essay she wrote recently about humour as a management tool. The lecture was quite enjoyable as she is a professional comedian for many years nothing less was to expected. I always enjoy when people play out different characters and a few popped in now and then. It was more like a standup that a lecture and to the end it was impossible not to cry there was so much laughing 🙂
A few notes I put down:

  • “humour is the best lubricant to get human communications going” quote from Klaus Kjöller (danish professor).
  • “Too educated for goofing around” when humour is considered by some as non dignified and people do not allow themselves to use it.
  • The fun guy at the workspace that walks around spreading light mood & humour is the most valuable employee, even though he doesn’t work squat.
  • She told about companies that have humour as one of their values (not many in Iceland), some have “fun” but most of the time it’s more “responsible” words. SouthWest airlines have “Feel free to actually enjoy what you do” where the requirements are a lot about human communications and “Sense of humour”. humour on companies web pages make it all more fun, i.e. Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Loyalty to companies is in direct correlation to its managers and there humour (at least sense of it) and human communication is one of the key factors that ties employees to the company. It’a all about people and fun.
  • Check out what Linda Farrell said about Chuckles the clown.
  • Positive humour is kind, unites people and strengthens relationships while negative humour divides and pollutes the atmosphere. It’s important to define the humour to figure out how everybody is responding to what is going on, sometime people can react in ways you didn’t imagine and your sense of humour might offend someone.
  • Humour is often used to “lighten” difficult circumstances…
  • It’s important to be able to make fun of yourself, it shows sinserity, courage and humbleness.
    Using humour requires confidence & courage, it can be risky to use and your not guaranteed that it will work as expected.