Fun in teams was the title of the talk that I attended at Betwere held by Gauti Guðmundsson. He wen’t over the importance of humor & fun in team building and part of project management. Fun in the end it’s always based on individuals and you can’t force this and even some situations when humor is not the right tool. He researched how fun should be a factor in managing work just as other important even though not as measurable from management point of view. He showed fun facts from his workplace and gave some examples that really made this a very fun talk and the turn up was pretty good…everybody wants to be reminded of this and learn a few tips on how to build up a good moral 😉 He even formalized his ideas into a simple production circle Have Fun Deliver Value and even abbreviated it to HFDV 😉

All in all a really good talk for anyone, not just for managers of projects and teams but also the team members that also have to take part of the process. The idea to create a great team (that delivers great work) won’t happen unless you have something pulling you there and fun & humor can be a key element there and might even be essential for many teams. Really nice to have a talk about the human side of Individuals & Interactions…in the end the people and how they communicate is the most important part of every team/organization. It’s the people who are the company and happy individuals should make a happy company 😉

To top the lecture I was pleasantly surprised when I met the lecturer (Gauti) since he’s related to my brothers wife. Somehow I didn’t notice it when I signed up…I think I just saw the title and was sold at that point and didn’t read the details. Nice job Gauti 😉