Agilenetið (with Dokkan & Háskólinn í Reykjavík) held a lecture where Finnur Pálmi Magnússon (aka Gommit) talked about his job as a PO at Markorka.

I had the privilege of working with Gommit many years ago in a small startup where he was the 3rd employee and I the 4th. He’s always been very business & people oriented and fully into technology and specially social media. When I met him a about a year ago and he told me he was working as a Product Owner my first thought was that that’s a perfect match. So when we started looking around for candidates to hold short lectures for Agilenetið he was my first choice and he was ready even with the short notice we gave him.
His presentation was with an iPad and iPaper that he praised a lot and they look very genuine and fun and you can always count on him bringing something fresh.
Since he’s got a technical background his work as a PO involved some technical work also that seem to have helped the workflow. The plan was to move that work into the teams and will be interesting to hear how the outcome of that transition will be.
There were some good discussions (q&a) after the presentation and overall a very good talk, even the sandwiches were better 😉
I liked the take he did using poker chips when involving stakeholders when planning features. Giving them something to play with and visually seeing what features they “bet on” was working and giving them a better sense of where to go.