Agilis 2011 at an end

I attended Agilis2011 and noted a few things down :

Activating Your Agile Leadership Gift (Key speech)
Christopher Avery
I really enjoyed the simplicity Avery’s speech. He had about 3-4 slides and really kept focus for the 30 minutes discussing and explaining The Responsibility Process (find it at his website) that had a nice human touch to it and really inspired people. The importance of responsibility is a good thing to constantly think about (not just in work) and it comes hand in hand with the Agile “feeling” of ownership that is so important to get teams into.
Don’t have anything to add, was a great lecture.

Implementing Large-scale Kanban
Olav Maassen
I found myself thinking about some ideas for Kanban & writing down some too…not sure if they came from the lecture or just my wondering thoughts…I wasn’t following everything and found myself drifting into related thoughts.
I was missing some connection or more concrete details to the examples he was giving…and sometimes even had to focus on understanding him.

Effective Retrospectives
Rachel Davies
Good historical insight of retrospectives. Rachel feels so down to earth and knew this so well that in a way I was hypnotized throughout the lecture and left without almost any notes.
Would have liked to have walked away with something more, but I’m guessing I’m to practical to take much notice of history so it might have been my foult that I came empty handed.

Google Chrome continuous integration infrastructure
Marc-Antoine Ruel
Some good things we’re in here…Code review = 1st line of defense…auto upgrade of software.
I had a hard time with understanding Ruels english and that really took a lot away from the presentation for me 🙁

Creative Agility
Clinton Keith
Nice looking slides and very well organized lecture. “All process is evil” was a little gold nugget I like…but people do love & believe in processes 😉
Talked about how specialization is necessary but much more important is the sharing & collaboration. There’s a subject always being misunderstood in Agile that everybody should be able to everything…that just makes no sense =)
Felt really good to just sit back and stop having someone speaking fluent english. He did play a video that I had already seen online…always feel bored when I’m watching something again and can’t help feeling a little cheated 😉

Open Space
I really enjoyed the Open Space meetings and really like this format for deciding the topics just when needed 😉 I’m never to good at leaving a discussion an checking others, but this format can really give people much more that just listening to presentation after presentation.