We held an Agile seminar at work where we went over Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Product definition. The plan is to keep on implementing Agile and spread the word and there has to be a starting point where people can get the answer “What’s it all about”.

First everybody created their “name tags” (Trading Cards) just to get everybody into the feeling of creating and participating.

Then we wen’t over the history of Lean & Agile followed by Product Box that worked out pretty well but I failed to record all of the presentations 😐

Then we introduced Scrum with a home made Scrum demo game that I was really satisfied with and how the discussions at the “retro” part reflected real retrospective meetings I’ve participated (didn’t expect that from such a short demo game). We need to write it down and publish it online.

At the end we took everybody and looked at some of our Scrum/Kanban walls and that really gave people insight into working with Scrum.

Next we’ll try to squeeze this down to a half day seminar and having a Kanban wall displaying the status of each part of the seminar…after reviewing the comments from attendees.