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Management 3.0 course

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012

I attended a two day course at Agile Ísland 2012: Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo.

I hoped to learn some new ideas to apply at work and there were a lot of good ideas and games (simulations for those who like a more formal word 😉 that I take with me from this course. There was also a lot of stuff in the course material that I’ll have to read again over when I get the slides. Not only where the games good, the material well structure but also we got Jurgens book: How to change the world along with two game cards. Complexity thinking was a model that I’ve never seen and I found confusing to try to use just after seing it and I’ll have to dive deeper into that subject to see how I can use it.

I found the class really good. Straight to the point and I always like when honest people as I found Jurgen to be. I find him very inspirational, he’s documented his work and based on his learnings he has created new things & ideas and works at shares them and teaching others…can’t wait to try some of them myself.

Thanks for a fun class Jurgen =)

Some “minor” notes:

  • The first exercise Jurgen had everybody position themselves around the room on two axes, I liked that. Not just the game but also seeing how different understanding of Agile terminology was.
  • Cook vs. Chief, recite vs. theory/feeling
  • “I know know, it’s not my problem, fix it” – how to manage
  • 360 poker – gotta try this one
  • Kudo box – where compliments lead to tangible gifts =)
  • WTF/pm – thanks Rory
  • Every measurement should be seen as a diagnostic
  • “Dance with the system” – when trying to change the “system”/culture of the workplace.

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  1. Good story also about the manager of the car racing team that always answered “How does that make the car go faster?” for every thing he was asked for =)

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