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Scrum & Kanban seminar

Posted by on May 1, 2013

At the end of March Hugsmiðjan held a “science trip” for Agilenetið and among the attendees was Martha from Dokkan who asked me the following day if I’d be willing to teach Kanban at the Bezta learning line. I was more than willing since I truly believe that everybody can learn from Agile & Lean and the draft was ready almost instantly and we tossed it back and forth the next days. At the beginning of April the seminar was advertised online open for anybody interested in these fun ways of managing work.

The Bezta Scrum & Kanban seminar went as expected yesterday at Nauthóll: nice location, great people, good atmosphere, lots of learning, fun, games and communication.

Everybody was pleased and everything went mostly as planned. Some time estimates didn’t quite hold but I made small alterations to keep us on track and overall I was very pleased. The attendees were also pleased according to the evaluation notes they gave. There were two that wanted more detail & in-depth information along with example stories. Great points that I’ll take into the next “version” of the seminar and I already have some ideas that will help in dealing better with the “veterans” =)

When preparing for the seminar I only got through about two iterations of the slides. I really look forward to getting them through a few more versions and added changes from the points above…then they should be really good.

Thanks to everybody who attended =)

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Toast Kaizen

Posted by on Nov 9, 2012

I attended an intresting lecture about Toast Kaizen than took the simple process of making toast and explained how Kaizen (small improvements) can help make the process more efficient.
It was rather strange sitting at a lecture watching a video of a man making toast…mostly since there was a lot of time that went to waste while waiting for the toast…not sure anybody does toast like that, but it was humorous and served its purpouse.
Then after improving the process it went a worked better and time was used more efficiently.
Everybody should always be aware of improvements that can help us in work and other places and constantly thinking about how to make things better is something you wish that everybody takes part in.
Getting everybody on board in thinking about improvements might be harder…and then you can’t forget to have a plan for a redesign of the process also 😉
An intro of the video can be seen at youtube, it’s just a small glimpse of the whole thing.

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