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Teaching Agile Project Management (second iteration)

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018

Again teaching Agile at the University of Iceland for a few days (over a period of a few weeks). Setup was pretty much as the last time

I did work on some improvements this time around so I had a Trello board for a better overview and the
slides were improved a little by having just one slideshow to access them all…but this one still has links to the others so this wasn’t a complete package 😉


There were some good points that emerged:

  • More time – bigger course (this is already in progress 😉
  • One slideshow with all slides (not link to other slides)
  • Trello training
  • Scrum “science trip(s)”
  • Logi invite some students to taste his beer

    This year I graded group projects and that was a learning curve =)

    I was happy with everything, specially those who showed up all the days…hopefully this will be a better/bigger course next year =)

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  • Estimation talk at UTMessan 2018

    Posted by on Feb 2, 2018

    I wanted to share a “simpler” way of estimating and seems like applying for a talk slot at utmessan.is is a good motivator 😉

    This is related to #noestimates, but I really dislike that name 😐

    “The workable unit of one” is the term of the estimation from the team that a single “ticket” can be done in one iteration/sprint.

    I didn’t know that Q&A wasn’t this year so the talk was way shorter than expected 😉

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    Agile & Gamification talk

    Posted by on Feb 6, 2015

    I gave a talk at UTMessan 2015 titles “Spilar þú Agile leikinn” which would translate to “Do you play the Agile Game”. I touched on a lot of stuff I like and mostly Gamification. The point of the talk was that we need to learn the game and play it (a lot) to fully capture it and change it. The game here being the Agile game we play…but we could swap that with any “game” we like 😉

    In Icelandic I used the word “Leikjafræði” which is used for “Game theory”…and one attendee pointed that out me after the talk…I totally got his point since guests did only get the title of the talk to figure out what was being presented and I hope that will be better next year. I myself to like to read at least a couple of sentences to know what the point of the talk is going to be.

    I asked a good friend that attended what he though and he was worried the first moments but then he said I pulled if off. And I was a bit worried since I had been told I could walk around but there was only the mike on the lectern so I was pretty immobilised and did have to skip some parts that I had planned.

    It’s really great they now have video recording of all the talks. I havn’t watched all of mine but I feel like I was trying to get over a lot… and I guess I was.
    My plan was to have a maximum of 10 slides…but they seemed to enjoy each other and multiply like rabbits when I was planning. One of the hard part was to try to fit this all in 30 minutes.

    I general I was pretty pleased and everybody who I talked to about it was pleased or even inspired…a word I really like =)

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    Scrum talk

    Posted by on Feb 24, 2014

    I gave a talk about Scrum at a class in the Business Department at the University of Iceland today.IMG_0122

    I managed to put some of my drawings into the slides but as ofter I didn’t get everything I envision into them…but I’ll hopefully update them soon when I need to use them again 😉

    I think everybody was pleased and it was fun for me too… win-win =)

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    “Clean your room kids”…Kanban style

    Posted by on Jan 21, 2014

    When my older daughter (Sunna) was around 4.5 years old and didn’t want to clean her room because she didn’t know where to start so I set up a simple visual “game” around it…like a simple Kanban board.
    There were post-it notes for every kind of stuff that needed to be put in place. For example all teddy bears and then that post-it also had a picture of a teddy bear since she couldn’t read. All the tickets where then put on her closed and that was the ToDo list she could work on.
    Also we had a cartoon face for her and when she started cleaning something she would first put her face on that post-it note (pulling from the list). This was her WIP, only one task at a time since she only had one face. When all the things on that post-it were cleaned up she’d move the ticked to the other side of the closet where the completed tasks piled up and she was quite happy when finished with her accomplishment of cleaning the room all by herself.

    A couple of years later she came to me and said “Daddy can you create cleanup stickies for me to clean up my room”.

    I was thrilled that she remembered this activity and wanted to do it again. I was more than happy to create new post-it notes even though it took me more time to create them than to clean up her room.
    This time she got her younger sister in on it and when she dropped out she even got me on her cleaning team =)

    The task of cleaning your room isn’t really much fun…or even very clear when your a kid. But this simple “game” around it really changes the way you look at it. The kids can see what has to be done and that they can do it themselves…plus it’s fun and rewarding to move things on a visual board into the Done column.

    Do this with your kids…not only do they learn to clean up their room, they also learn very fundamental way of breaking large tasks into smaller ones and see how they can resolve complex problems in small steps.
    Start by creating faces for the whole family and then set up a simple visual wall with ToDo’s and get something fun going around it =)

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