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Scrum & Kanban seminar

Posted by on May 1, 2013

At the end of March Hugsmiðjan held a “science trip” for Agilenetið and among the attendees was Martha from Dokkan who asked me the following day if I’d be willing to teach Kanban at the Bezta learning line. I was more than willing since I truly believe that everybody can learn from Agile & Lean and the draft was ready almost instantly and we tossed it back and forth the next days. At the beginning of April the seminar was advertised online open for anybody interested in these fun ways of managing work.

The Bezta Scrum & Kanban seminar went as expected yesterday at Nauthóll: nice location, great people, good atmosphere, lots of learning, fun, games and communication.

Everybody was pleased and everything went mostly as planned. Some time estimates didn’t quite hold but I made small alterations to keep us on track and overall I was very pleased. The attendees were also pleased according to the evaluation notes they gave. There were two that wanted more detail & in-depth information along with example stories. Great points that I’ll take into the next “version” of the seminar and I already have some ideas that will help in dealing better with the “veterans” =)

When preparing for the seminar I only got through about two iterations of the slides. I really look forward to getting them through a few more versions and added changes from the points above…then they should be really good.

Thanks to everybody who attended =)

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Excel Burndown chart template

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011

Pretty handy to quickly get the burndown chart quickly up for a sprint. You just need to fill out the hours, number of stories, start & end date of sprint (and any holidays that are not weekends) and you’ll get the chart on the second sheet.

Excel Scrum Burndown template

Microsoft Excel is required to get the right, at least Google Spreadsheet won’t display the burndown right…

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Agile & Scrum on one page

Posted by on Oct 19, 2011

There’s something I love about putting a lot of information onto a single page. Hence I’ve been drawing Agile & Scrum on one page.

The first version (alpha) is a decent proof of concept and should be great after a few alterations and graphical redesign…sometime in the future 😉

Scrum on one page PDF

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Scrum T-shits

Posted by on Apr 9, 2011

Created scrum t-shirts for the roles of Scrum.  

The concept is abbreviations of the Scrum Roles (TM, SM & PO) in large letters with humours meanings of them in smaller fonts inside.

The idea wasn’t used (this time) for Agile merchandize at my company (nothing was), but maybe later.

Feel free to use this design as desired (contact me for the Photoshop files), if you do I’d really appreciate pictures…even better if I could get a couple of t-shirts, but I’ll manage giving my designs since I believe that good ideas or only good for two things 😉

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