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Agile at Hugsmiðjan

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013

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We invited Agilenetið to a “science trip” at Hugsmiðjan today where we talked about the Agile implementation (slides) that is based around a visual wall for the whole company. The whole company (around 30) meet every morning for 15 min. and issues that need attention are reported and updated.
The wall has seen some transformation through the years…and planning on a complete redesign are about to be executed…so this was probably the last public display of that setup of the wall. Visual management would be the right word for the wall…we’ve drifted a bit from the Kanban rules. Scrum is used by one team…but isn’t quite the perfect fit since we do a lot of service besides the development 😉
I really like daily standup where everybody meets…otherwise I wouldn’t seem some of the people…even though we aren’t that many…and everybody has a voice on these meetings if they need to say something =)

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Dúi Kanban

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013

At the end of last year I met a friend (in the chicken line at the local grocery store) that asked if I’d be willing to help kickstart Agile at her import company. I was more that happy to help spread some good ideas so we decided to talk in 2013.

We met up in febuary and they worked their way towards Kanban with a custom visual table for non-routine issues categorized into group & individual lanes. I met with them all to introduce the basic concepts of Kanban and a few pointers and showed up again the following morning for the first standup.

They did plan this well and had a name for the table: Dúi. I really like that they give it their own name…it gives them more sense of ownership that can really help with evolving without having to stick to much to the “rules” of the methodology they started with. After all if continuous improvement can be incorporated then that’s all the really matters…and it helps to have some fun along the way =)
Another thing I really enjoyed was that they created manga faces for everybody…I’m just a sucker for them =)

It was very much fun to help them kick-start their Agile journey and I look forward to see were it will lead them.

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Faces for the team (or family)

Posted by on Jan 1, 2013

I’m a sucker for props and extra visual things to make other things look more “fun”. And I love visual faces of the people I work with and recommend creating faces for everybody in the team/family at faceyourmanga.com, it’s incredible how well you can catch people faces with this application and it’s a fun activity for everybody to take part in.

Here are my family’s faces:

I need to update some since the youngest has grown quite of of hair since his was create. And the others might wan’t to redo theirs…that ok, it fun doing this anyways 😉

At home you can use these faces on calendars, books, items or on visual walls for who is working on what…or just wherever for fun and information =)

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Excel Burndown chart template

Posted by on Oct 26, 2011

Pretty handy to quickly get the burndown chart quickly up for a sprint. You just need to fill out the hours, number of stories, start & end date of sprint (and any holidays that are not weekends) and you’ll get the chart on the second sheet.

Excel Scrum Burndown template

Microsoft Excel is required to get the right, at least Google Spreadsheet won’t display the burndown right…

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