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Teaching Agile Project Management (second iteration)

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018

Again teaching Agile at the University of Iceland for a few days (over a period of a few weeks). Setup was pretty much as the last time

I did work on some improvements this time around so I had a Trello board for a better overview and the
slides were improved a little by having just one slideshow to access them all…but this one still has links to the others so this wasn’t a complete package 😉


There were some good points that emerged:

  • More time – bigger course (this is already in progress 😉
  • One slideshow with all slides (not link to other slides)
  • Trello training
  • Scrum “science trip(s)”
  • Logi invite some students to taste his beer

    This year I graded group projects and that was a learning curve =)

    I was happy with everything, specially those who showed up all the days…hopefully this will be a better/bigger course next year =)

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  • Estimation talk at UTMessan 2018

    Posted by on Feb 2, 2018

    I wanted to share a “simpler” way of estimating and seems like applying for a talk slot at utmessan.is is a good motivator 😉

    This is related to #noestimates, but I really dislike that name 😐

    “The workable unit of one” is the term of the estimation from the team that a single “ticket” can be done in one iteration/sprint.

    I didn’t know that Q&A wasn’t this year so the talk was way shorter than expected 😉

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    Teaching Agile Project Management

    Posted by on Mar 17, 2017

    For 3 Monday mornings in February I was a teaching at the University of Iceland where the focus was on Agile in managing projects (Verkefnastjórnun II (2017)).

    The slides were online and created with slides.com and linked to various older slides and material I already had. I also just added the material before each class but the upfront plan was:

    1. Day 1 – Agile, Kanban & Scrum…and teams
    2. Day 2 – Product Owner, requirements and release thinking
    3. Day 3 – Improvements, retrospectives and the future

    I think it went well, I really liked a lot of the feedback (points from the retro are below). But there were two times that I really remembered:

    Empty classroom

    Here is a picture I took when the classroom was completely empty with the exception of the teacher who will be leading this course next year. There was a work assignment going on that ended with everyone going outside the room…I really liked the fact that I was teaching and all the students had just left the room =)

    Smiling faces
    One of the activities I did was draw faces where you draw numerous smily faces. When they were drawing and I was looking over it was so fun to see how many were smiling at their papers…down at their smily faces…I didn’t feel like taking individual photos of people but really enjoyed seeing the smiles facing their drawings.


    At the last day we did a retrospective on how they felt about these three days. I did the Learning Matrix which is my go to retro activity. There were some great feedback that I got…and I must admit that it was a bit strange to have a retro as a facilitator and getting so much feedback directed straight to me…but they were all good remarks, thx everyone =)
    Still a few points I want to keep here for the future:

    1. More workouts that are based on real examples
    2. Easier access to slides
    3. Connect the material beyond software delvelopment
    4. Glossary of terms for those who are not into the lingo
    5. Connect with the other parts of the course

    I had fun and from all the other good comments I think they liked it…I guess the remark “More teachers should be like this” is something that tells me that I was doing something right 😉

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    Release thinking (talk) at UTMessan

    Posted by on Feb 12, 2017

    Last week I did a talk on release thinking (at utmessan) called “Waiting for the next big release?” and the recording is on youtube:

    Something I think everyone should think about…and I’ll try and explain each topic in more details here.

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