Logi Helgu

Being Agile


This is a little digital heaven for Agile stuff I like to keep in once place and I don’t wan’t to blend it with my private blog.

There will also be some personal stuff that will wonder in since I’m not just Agile…and there’s more to Agile than just the “boring” facts 😉

I do enjoy a beer in the sun, and pizza in the night…amongst many other things I like to do in my personal time, if you need to find out more about me you can find all kinds of stuff I leave around at my website: logihelgu.com.

My formal Scrum certifications:

Logo-2013-CSM-259x90I really enjoyed Alistair Cockburn seminar and he made quite an impression with his honest opinions and critiques that made people question a lot of things 😉

SCR20146-Logos-Final-RGB-CSPOJeff Patton held the Passionate Product Ownership seminar I attended and I was very pleased that I got him…always liked his work.

I own one little piece of Management 3.0 😉

This sites should be some glimpses of my Agile Journey =)